Been watching TaskMaster. Quite the funny show. Just finished season 5. I’m told the US version is not as funny, which is a shame as the UK version is kinda hard to find.

Left knee has been giving me some grief lately. Good thing I have the bike to burn calories on so I don’t need to run so much. Still on track for this month’s watch goal.

most people who make noise about boycotting something don’t actually do so. It’s like the old “those who know don’t speak, those who speak don’t know” saying.

odd. I wonder what my icon is pointing to that it still works.

yeah. in safari doesn’t do much with JS off. Good thing I have it as a home screen icon and that works fine.

also, cappuccino still works fine loaded from a home screen icon, though probably not if I loaded from within safari.

tested on, ads loaded in iCab but not safari after flipping that setting.

only global, though. But you could have a second browser (I like iCab) and it might have JavaScript in since iOS doesn’t let third party browsers disable JavaScript.

settings/safari/advanced/JavaScript looks to be it, perhaps?

we shall see how the total is looking come the last week. This challenge is 980 cal per day. My normal daily goal is 720 cal, and some days I go way over but some I almost miss. 980 average per day will require some serious pushing.