Liking that new Amon Tobin album.

oh, sorry. I read the thread view hoping to avoid repeating someone else, must have missed that reply. Apologies.


shouldn’t be hard to write a script that pulls your posts from the API and generates the cloud for you.


And yet in all this the watch is pushing me to hit 13.5k steps every day.

Today’s high was 36. Ugh. Brief dip for the weekend then the highs are expected to hit 39 next week.

Yup, summer is here.

Allergies are quite rough this season.

still shows in cappuccino (or whatever page is catching to old cappuccino url) also. And I was able to copy the text out to another app if it is needed. Copy didn’t catch the formatting or urls, but at least the text is there.


Took the effort to properly mix in the raisins/dates/walnuts this time. Am rewarded with a nice distribution throughout the loaf. Sure did make a mess with the dough, though! Gonna try mixing them in without taking it out of the pan next time.

seconded. The 35 is a fantastic lens. Great angle and tack sharp. I should carry it around more.


what did you get?