Found photos from the last relationship. Mid 2007 it looks like. Would explain my Twitter account from 2008 didn’t seem to have anything.

well, I can’t speak to the wisdom of today’s youth in general. I just know that this particular youth back then was a dumbass. And if he had social media like today’s youth has it would not be pretty.

was looking for evidence of the last time I was in a relationship so I downloaded my twitter archive and was reading through the older posts. Some really dumb shit there, but nothing like it would’ve been when I was a teen.

In a way, I’m really glad most of my youth was not spent on the internets. I was such an idiot back then and didn’t know how to keep my mouth shut as well as I do now.

Managed to make the watch’s goal last month, but just barely (had to do an extra 5km walk the last day). Thankfully this month it has set an easier target: 2,220 minutes of ‘exercise’ for the month. It counts anything that gets your heart rate up ‘equivalent to a brisk walk’ (or more) so this shouldn’t be too terrible. Probably the biggest challenge will be I’m visiting friends this month and they tend to be less active than me. Some yoga mornings and nights while there should help keep me from falling too far behind the target.

looks like alarms can auto-trigger shortcuts in the new iOS but not the current one. So that’ll be an option in a few months.


on a Mac, easy. Chron to run: say “text here”
On iOS I suspect it’ll involve shortcuts. You can have a text action pass “text here” to a ‘speak text’ action which will read it aloud. Trying to find a way for a reminder or alarm to trigger a shortcuts workflow.


hitting the capacity limit for my current storage setup and not wanting to purchase more I'm now going through and pruning. Old episodes of podcasts I enjoyed but honestly will never re-listen to getting deleted. Duplicates scanned for and removed. Found a directory of random mp3 files I had downloaded and am sifting through to see if there's anything interesting in there. Always fun to go exploring through bags of randomness, never know what you're going to find.

agreed. Apple Watch as a fitness thingy is much better than I anticipated.


Apparently I’ve decided to re-watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. again.