This month’s Watch goal is move calorie based. It wants a total of 29,400 for the month. This will be a challenge, but theoretically doable.

Spotify paid has adverts also? Glad I switched away from them, then.

that seems excessive. ffmpeg also takes the longest on my system but usually only a few minutes. Has the compile crashed?

Finally watched Good Omens. Fun little show, I liked it. I was reminded why I so rarely watch video on Amazon. For one I don’t like the interface, it’s just too cluttered and distracting. Secondly they don’t handle my low end internet very well. It keeps downgrading more than necessary so I get fuzzier video than Netflix manages. Worst of all, Amazon runs commercials before every episode. Sure, they are skipable, but they shouldn’t be there in the first place. If I’m paying for content, one thing I pay for is no adverts.

Happy Pie And Beer Day!

Huh. Image looks super squished on mobile view.

The gamification of activity continues. Now that I have this streak going I find myself motivated to not break it.


This month’s goal of 71minutes ‘exercise’ every day isn’t too bad, except for the temperatures outside. Not much opportunity for me to actually clock those minutes. Having to jog at night, practically.

Well, either that or mornings and I know that simply isn’t going to happen.

yeah, if you didn’t make it to bash no one will ever know.

(mind you I’m still a dumbass, I just hide it better now.)