it works well. certainly better than I had expected.

Caught up on The Good Place. Such a great show, that. Recommended.

Netflix talked me into checking out Lucifer. Amusing little “case of the week” cop drama/comedy. Entertaining enough that I’ll probably finish it, but so far it’s not much better than that.

All of which is to say I spent most of today watching tv shows. But with all that lethargy I still was motivated to be at least somewhat active by the watch. It’s interesting how the simple fact of having a device tracking my movements was so effectively able to encourage me to move more. Didn’t want to ‘break the streak’ or anything so I actually exercised just to ‘close the rings’.

Oh, I see. Never mind, just noticing the time stamps. Maybe I’ll switch back to the dark theme for a while, can’t read ‘em there anyway. :)

Word custom dictionary is a text file you can save and replace on new systems. interwebs say[1] it's here: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\UProof\CUSTOM.DIC
Just grab a copy of that and store it in your "Documents" folder (or cloud) since your "support" folk might be forgetting to save that directory. Then you can copy it back on the new computer.
Similarly, interwebs says[1] your autocomplete is stored in two places. A .acl file here: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office
and the normal.dotm file here:

warning: the autocorrect might not transfer clean due to version differences, so backup any files replaced in case you need to revert back.

1: not in a position at the moment to verify this, but it sounds right

shit like this gives the field a bad name. Just yesterday I had a faculty come in with a dead computer in the morning and they needed it for class early afternoon. I saved what files could be saved (some disk corruption), reconfigured the standard load to image faster than usual, did a drive replacement we had been planning for this summer anyway, reimaged the system, replaced the files they needed for today’s class, and had it back in time for teaching. The rest of their files I replaced later on after the class (too much data to copy it all at once in the time allotted). If I can take care to save user files in a few hours turn-around those slackers have no excuse.


confirmed. Nothing else even comes close.


they don’t save your user files? What kind of crack are they on over there?


rumor on the interwebs is those settings can be copied to a new computer.


Note for : time stamps in dark mode are near unreadable.