So I got a bread machine. Yes, I know how “easy” it is to make bread by hand, but I’m lazy. Also, I can get home from work, load/start the machine, go for an evening run, do some yoga, take a shower, and all that time the machine is making bread. It’s a great way to have homemade bread while still getting chores done.

And wow, the bread is tasty! Only made two loaves so far but both have been good. First was a basic white just to learn the machine’s style. Second was a Butter Bread which is quite nice. Hoping to make a Beer Cheddar Bread next if I can figure how to get the beer flat enough. I had intended to make that second but even after leaving a stout open all day it was still plenty fizzy when I got home. Tomorrow I’ll try pouring the stout a few times before letting it sit all day, see if that helps flatten it out.

So yeah, bread machine is nice to have. Good bread that doesn’t get in the way of getting other stuff done.

woohoo, new shiny!!

One thing I hadn’t considered in this move is the wait times for the bus. My old commute was longer, I knew this, but I didn’t appreciate just how much longer due to waiting (new commute is all walk, no bus). Today I’m heading to the old place for hopefully the last time (checking the mail) and I was still waiting for the bus at work when I could have been home already.

do you have it in airplane mode? There are other wireless functions that eat battery even if you don’t have a sim.

House chores are never-ending.

would probably still struggle to run Kerbal Space Program.


another note on the auto-crop of long posts. It appears to be cropping including picture height, but does not put ‘click to see more’ over the pictures. There appears to be no way to see the full picture.

Edit: the ‘show more’ links just appeared on all the picture posts after I posted this. So it seems to just be a very delayed function that gets kicked by a timeline change or some other activity beyond just scrolling.

thanks. A related point, which I suspect will be helped by this: when reading a thread of posts they all get cut at the same point where ‘show more’ would appear, but the ability to show more is absent. This seems more likely to hit threads since those tend to be more thoughtful (and thus longer) posts. Showing more before the cut will help, but perhaps turning off that function for thread display might be best? After all, if you are reading a thread you probably want to read the entirety of the posts anyway?

will this height limit be configurable in the future? I’m seeing it crop a number of posts I’d be perfectly fine having full-sized (such as this update note) but I can admit the utility in having the much longer posts get cropped.

a faculty I support did a walking tour of temples on an island over there. He says it was a great experience, you could try that. The “Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage” it’s called. Lots of walking!